&nbsp Summer in Cape Verde. Let's Go!

  Summer in Cape Verde. Let's Go!

    Enjoy the magnificent black sandy beach and a majestic sun set.
&nbsp The Best Place to Stay in Tarrafal

  The Best Place to Stay in Tarrafal

    We have rooms with private bathroom, hot water, air-c and free wifi...
&nbsp Meet The Authentic

  Meet The Authentic

    Simple and Welcoming People!

Welcome to Tarrafal de Monte Trigo

Tarrafal is a perfect destination for those who looks for an Authentic Experience On the Island of Santo Antão.

Tarrafal de Monte Trigo lies in the concelho of Porto Novo, in the extreme south-east of the island of Santo Antão.

Surrounded by an extraordinary beauty, on one side the great mountains typical of Santo Antão, Cape Verde, on the other the ocean and the waves coming to run aground on the black sand beach, several hundred meters long. All this transports the traveler into a magical world.

The route Porto Novo - Tarrafal de Monte Trigo takes approximately two hours; first on an asphalt road, then on a cobbled road and finally taking a dirt track – the most beautiful part of the route, where one can admire a breathtaking landscape.

Another and a more radical option for those with an adventurous spirit is to travel to Tarrafal de Monte Trigo by boat.

As a welcome, a panoramic view without equal. One does not know what to look first, the ocean of a magnificent blue, or the desert expanses, the meeting of a shepherd and her goat herd, and then down, after turning at the tip of Tum, our hearts fill with air when our eyes see the long and beautiful beach of black sand.

And at the bottom, a screen of greenery, the ribeira, and the houses hanging on the slopes.

The village of Tarrafal de Monte Trigo has a population of 841 inhabitants whose main  economic activity is fishery and agriculture. The village is blessed with an abundant spring water that permits irrigation and  even once it provided water to the island of São Vicente.

The local population cultivates a variety of products such as: mango, banana, papaya, bread-fruit, sugar cane, yam, manioc, maize, beans and many others. 

The village of Tarrafal de Monte Trigo is ideal for those who would like to spend a couple of quiet days in the middle of its simple and welcoming people, enjoying its magnificent black sandy beach and daily surprises provided by nature such as a majestic sun set.

It is a perfect place for trekking, swimming, snorkelling, fishing, relaxing, eating, reading and sleeping. 


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